"Walking in my (Electron) shoes"
Gergely Nagy writes about having to deal with hate (!!) received from people for developing on .

Since I started moving to Electron, I've also had several interesting discussions (but not
"hateful" encounters) with people claiming that it must be slow or resource wasteful compared to native toolkits, both of which aren't really true in Beast's development context. Development itself is vastly superior though.

@timj Choosing a software language is like choosing a car. Sure you can drive a SUV if all you care about is your own comfort and perceived safety, or you can choose a compact and low impact electric that is less impact for everyone.

I'd suggest that people who write software for other people to use should choose a development environment that works well with the operating environment that those people actually use, rather than chose one that makes the developer's life easier.

@timj Objections to Electron about performance miss the mark. Electron apps suck because of usability. About the many, many paper cuts on any desktop, because of lack of working accessibility.

@mjog @timj I've been in some of those conversations which lead to this post, and in that case I think the right decision was made.

Though I'm not convinced that's always the case. Far from it.

@mjog Maybe in a commercial context, but even there developers can only choose between tools that require *affordable* effort.

For FLOSS projects, it's usually a choice between a project that makes the developer life easy or no project. Personally, I rather use a program developed in an environment/language/framework I'm not familiar with than none at all.

Additionally, Web/Chrome/Electron work on all relevant devices these days, finding an unsuitable "operating environment" would be hard.

@timj Well I completely disagree with each one of those of those points, so I guess we have pretty different perspectives on what's important when it comes to writing libre apps. :)

What would be your recommendation for an "occasional" programmer? Or someone working on a application with no commercial purpose or professional use like the music software of @timj ?

@nurinoas Select a programming language and GUI toolkit for your project that works best for your own preferred platform and a reasonable programming language for it

Use Windows? Target WPF with C#. Use OSX? Target MacApp with Objective C. Use GNOME? Target GTK with Vala/Python/JS. Use KDE? Target Qt with C++. Use Android? Target the Android SDK and Java. Etc.

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