Five years ago, on 10.10.2014., #CitizenFour premiered, telling the story of the #Snowden leaks which gave us a detailed look at the global #surveillance system.

The film is freely available on the Internet Archive, so you have no excuse to not have seen it.

And while you're at it, why not organize a group screening? :thounking:

@phryk @ajuvo
On a related note, 's book "Permanent Record" started to ship as paperback this week.
I got my copy the other day and just started reading...

@timj Yeh, I still want to read that, will have to see whether I can actually afford it. ;) @ajuvo


@phryk @ajuvo
Here's a suggestion I've picked up from the Podcaster scene. Create a public Amazon wishlist, that you link to from your Website or Mastodon profile. At $10, it's possible that some community member browses the list, steps up and buys it for you and then it gets removed and shipped to you...

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