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Here's a suggestion I've picked up from the Podcaster scene. Create a public Amazon wishlist, that you link to from your Website or Mastodon profile. At $10, it's possible that some community member browses the list, steps up and buys it for you and then it gets removed and shipped to you...

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On a related note, 's book "Permanent Record" started to ship as paperback this week.
I got my copy the other day and just started reading...

If you use/develop or care about / FLOSS, take some time to answer this survey. Feel free to mention , seems they only know about FB, Birdsite and Slack.


@ebarrett I'm guessing you could force things like this:
* Delete the GitHub repo (but keep a full local copy)
* Fork the upstream repo into your account. If needed, rename into your deleted repo.
* Force push your local repo into the new repo in your account.

I keep seeing this really odd interaction, where the second I start google-chrome or a newer version (>= 4), my currently running processes start overloading the CPU.

Firefox becomes unresponsive for several seconds, burning CPU. Yesterday I decided to watch FF in gdb and saw that it's accessing thousands of font files , each causing a "SIGSYS, Bad system call".

Can anyone guess why FF gets SIGSYS, failing to access a world-readable file? Bug report: bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.

Not being satisfied with the 5 looks, I've ended up creating an SVG sprite file from the project. This includes all icons from Font Awesome 4.

Here are the gory details:

So I've been working on "upgrading" the Font Awesome package used by the new UI from 4.7.0 to 5.9.0.

Just — in the end I found that the icons look way more crispy and professional in the 4.7.0 version.

Is it just me, or did anyone else experience this with ?

Figured there's also "Music Theory for Computer Musicians: Expert Advice, Made Easy" by Rusty Cutchin from 2015

Beast version 0.14.0 is released.

is an LGPLv2+ music synthesizer and composer (), for , including a , real-time and support for Plugins.

The full release announcement is out now:


Just uploaded the beast-0.14.0 tarball, AppImage and Git tags.
Working on the release announcement now...

I'm setting up for a test installation. Should be easy using the community maintained docker image:

Except for two things that aren't obvious:

a) You need to figure to create the default ticket structures, as described here (github closed issue search is your friend): github.com/docker-library/redm

b) To reduce fragmentation, btrfs users might want to re-create /usr/src/redmine/sqlite/redmine.db to add chattr +C

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