The client for is shell only and really rocks!

But it got way too late again, will have to continue setting up the new Testbit site tomorrow, good n8!

@amolith Maybe DnsFriends? What exactly is the purpose, something like the free part of OpenDNS or to provide alternatives to and

Today, I've implemented per connection cleanup of remote std::shared_ptr references in 's layer.

What we *really* need is per Javascript object cleanup of remote references though, but that requires FinalizationGroup support in Javascript:

That's still unfinished though, why do I always need bleeding edge features?

Time for bed I guess, maybe the edge looks less bleeding tomorrow... ;-)

@federicomena for two selectors that have the same specificity, the latter one should be selected. So that either needs to be included in your specificity calculations, or the selectors should be picked by reverse order of definition, instead of a randomized iterator (which is a nice feat by rust btw)

Last Tuesday 0.15.0 was released.

This is most probably the last release that supports the + Beast UI. We have most of the bits and pieces together to move towards the new EBeast UI and a new synthesis core in the upcoming months and will get rid of a lot of legacy code along the way...

@nobru Thanks for the link! That was a long but very eye opening reading.
I kept checking back all the things Clay talks about really already existed in 2003, incredible insights given this was 16 years ago.

Beast version 0.15.0 is released.

is an LGPLv2+ music synthesizer and composer (), for .
This release supports Jack as PCM driver and the experimental Ebeast frontened got many style updates, play position pointers and supports the Space key.

Full news:

@phryk @ajuvo
Here's a suggestion I've picked up from the Podcaster scene. Create a public Amazon wishlist, that you link to from your Website or Mastodon profile. At $10, it's possible that some community member browses the list, steps up and buys it for you and then it gets removed and shipped to you...

@phryk @ajuvo
On a related note, 's book "Permanent Record" started to ship as paperback this week.
I got my copy the other day and just started reading...

If you use/develop or care about / FLOSS, take some time to answer this survey. Feel free to mention , seems they only know about FB, Birdsite and Slack.

@ebarrett I'm guessing you could force things like this:
* Delete the GitHub repo (but keep a full local copy)
* Fork the upstream repo into your account. If needed, rename into your deleted repo.
* Force push your local repo into the new repo in your account.

I keep seeing this really odd interaction, where the second I start google-chrome or a newer version (>= 4), my currently running processes start overloading the CPU.

Firefox becomes unresponsive for several seconds, burning CPU. Yesterday I decided to watch FF in gdb and saw that it's accessing thousands of font files , each causing a "SIGSYS, Bad system call".

Can anyone guess why FF gets SIGSYS, failing to access a world-readable file? Bug report:

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