Okay, it's been 3 weeks! New recap is out: new releases of GIMP, Krita, Penpot, ArmorPaint, Audacity, PipeWire, Apple joins Blender Dev Fund, Stargate DAW joins Linux audio family, Ardour gets clip launching as part of future live looping feature set.


Featured image by Protyanik Hazra #b3d

@musicmatze Note, many 2FA sites simply share a key with a auth app on mobile and generate 6 digit tokens based on the key and the current time (not banking apps though).
That scheme (, -6238) can be replicated on the CLI without a mobile, for example:

Get key from 2FA-Settings page, for a QR code, use:
zbarimg Screenshot.png

Example-Key: Quick Brown Fox

echo -n 'Quick Brown Fox' | base32

oathtool --totp=sha1 --base32 KF2WSY3LEBBHE33XNYQEM33Y

@nicemicro @zrythm @Mehrad @unfa
AppImage builds are another use case for version checks under Linux.
You're right, distribution packaged versions probably shouldn't popup update suggestions.
Now I'm wondering what's with prebuilt debs or rpms on the project website? Maybe those should have the popup, just like the AppImage...

@Mehrad @unfa

I'm perfectly happy with the credibility of LWN, thank you.

Note that the quote refers to *desktop* applications, the programs you are listing aren't classical example of that.

I plan to implement the same thing in . And for the record, I'd be happy to see that as an opt-out rather than opt-in. The reason is that most professional software behaves that way these days, which influences user expectations.
Probably a good topic to start a poll for ;-)

@Mehrad @unfa
The situation with is not all that bad.
Here is a good article on LWN about the matter.

Fun fact, *also* checks home upon startup to notify the users of a new version.


freenode.net is being taken over.
A new home for chatter is being arranged at libera.chat.


The findings can potentially be interesting as well for languages with JITs (e.g. Java, Javascript) that have good heuristics. E.g. one heuristic often used is "branch for early exits is unlikely", so the following should result in 2 not-taken conditionals (happy path) in JS:

if (input < 0 || input > 65536)

Highly recommended read if you ever optimized a or loop, or ever used __builtin_expect().


My key take away is that not-taken conditional branches are essentially free, and are not polluting the branch predictor, i.e.

if (__builtin_expect (DEBUG, 0))
log (...);

Don’t use Google, use DuckDuckGo
Don’t use Gmail, use Tutanota
Don’t use Zoom, use Jitsi
Don’t use GoogleDrive, use Nextcloud
Don’t use Google Auth, use Aegis Auth.
Don’t use Twitter, use Mastodon
Don’t use Instagram, use Pixelfed
Don’t use WhatsApp, use Telegram
Don’t use Play store, use F-Droid
Don’t use Chrome, use Firefox
Don’t use MS Office, use LibreOffice
Don’t use Windows, use Linux
Don’t buy Bitcoin, buy Monero

Privacy comes first. Defend yourself against tracking and surveillance.

Good news: Supreme Court finds that as a matter of law, APIs can be reimplemented as fair use.

@Shamar Thank you for standing up to the cancel culture mob.

You really made my day.

Just take another look at the rms-support-letter.github.io/ signatures to know you are not alone, even though not everybody is a contributor.

I no longer consider Twitter to be a social network. I see it as a carefully curated feed of corporations and personalities selling things. It doesn't seem to be useful for socializing, rather, it seems outright anti-social.

The Assange case for extradition is still 90% upheld.
The judge refused extradition because the pending suicide risk would make it act of oppression.
The US going to appeal, so the decision will be taken to a higher court and has to be fought all over again.
The lawyers are now talking to Assange to prepare bail application, to be heared in 45 min.
That means, the US prision system is so bad that even this judge wouldn't send Julian into it.

via @johnwrees

Just now:

Judge rules against US extradition of Julian Assange, contending extradition would be oppressive by reason of Assange’s mental health.

The judge and defense are discussing an application for bail. US government is going to immediately appeal.

via @kgosztola

A very happy new year #2021 for everyone.
This year it is time for cleanup! ;-)

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