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I'm Looking for programming related accounts to follow.

Please boost this pineapple if you program so I know to follow you


Summer definitely has arrived in Hamburg, has been a hot day here.
I inflated the wading pool for the kids, which was well received. After all we had 30°C, sweating hot!

Then I read "India heatwave temperatures pass 50 Celsius", that really puts things in perspective...

@sir You'd hope so, but here's why that won't happen. Google's taking hostage all chromium based open source browsers via DRM.

@sir There is *one* good book about this:

Discipline Without Stress, Punishments, Or Rewards: How Teachers and Parents Promote Responsibility & Learning

Jetzt wo der Gründungsverein gegründet ist, wird es höchste Zeit, sich als Interessent für die Hacker eG registrieren zu lassen, damit man einmal als "Alter Genosse" oder "Alte Gründerin" in die Geschichte eingehen kann.

Infovideo und Registrierungsanweisung hier:

Pls retoot

@musicmatze @linuzifer
Eine Alternative is, dort kann man rausfinden welche Partei entsprechend den eigenen Positionen abgestimmt hat:

@macst3r Danke, Freiburg ist zu weit weg und ich hab' gesehen, dass man das auch als PDF bekommt. ;-)

I am working on new UI controls (numbers, switches, text, etc) for ( based).

Sometimes it'd be nice to have a designer on the project who is familiar with software to bounce ideas back and forth with.

Courtesy of Stefan Westerfeld (who yet needs to create a Mastodon account), we now have fluidsynth2 support in master. And that means .sf3 ( + ) support.

Hm, C++14 supports lambda arguments of type 'auto', i.e. /nice/ function templates.
That allows me to throw away hundreds of lines of visitor code.

@macst3r Oh, knapp verpasst, einer meiner Freunde fährt gerade heute von Freiburg zu mir... ;-(

Eventuell kann er die aber in 2 Wochen oder so entgegen nehmen.

Noch ne andere Idee wäre der 36C3, kommst du da eventuell hin?

@macst3r Hi, hätte Interesse daran. Bin selber in Hamburg, wo liegen die denn rum?

Just came back from (industrial production fair in Hannover).

It's incredible how many products have to carry "" in the title or description these days, it's infected almost everything that deals with sensor or log data.
One presenter literally said "we also put 'blockchain' into the sensors software because the client WANTED it."

OTOH, it's nice to see that fabrication companies increasingly base their software stacks on and have learned to contribute back.

The source code is currently being rewritten in various places (CI, IPC, Build system, etc)

During the process, the various pieces of Beast documentation were converted to Markdown, structured and merged into a single cohesive document. Formulas can now facilitate (and ) and syntax highlighting was introduced. It is rendered to and and the was adjusted to closely match the Latex based PDF looks.

@federicomena The rounding errors introduced by the librsvg int arguments to query sizes for elements has caused me major headaches in the past.

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