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Just uploaded a new release of the , the first version that ships a pre-alpha Electronjs based user interface:

And there's a cool new security paper!

basically all Unicode strings need to be typechecked at runtime now I guess

My new statically generated Testbit just went online. There's not much content there yet, I'll migrate posts bit by bit in the following days.

We just took the group photo at Native Space, but I'm not sure I'm on it. It's just way too many people this year.
I'll post a link once it's up.

Arrived in Berlin, -base for . Looking forward to Stefan's talk tomorrow morning at 10:30 about SpectMorph:

Looking forward to the Conference 2018 (partly at -base), just booked the hotel.

So, using and a dedicated 'cdn' repo on github, I can now refer to the Charis with 1 year browser cache times and utilize it from a CSS/HTML generator with just two lines of :

@import url('');

html { font-family: "CharisSILW", serif; }

No costs involved and no user tracking by either ;-)

For a while now, I've been wanting to use the Charis (SIL license), here's why:

It's not hosted by or so, which makes it tricky to refer to it from a project.

Hosting on github has too short cache times (5min) for a large webfont.

Today I finally found, a (StackPath) in front of github with large browser cache times (and mime type fixes).

And an alternative (CloudFlare), also for gitlab:

"NeoPG uses formal grammars even for parsing trivial data structures, down to individual bytes. This article explains why. "

Great read. #LangSec #InfoSec

Back from the hackfest /community meetup and some long very interesting talks.

It's a really nice community and having them meet up in Hamburg is something I couldn't possibly have missed!

They are very welcoming, for everyone who wants to get involved as well, here're the easy hacks:

Coming back from the Meet+Greet dinner of the community in Hamburg. Nice to see old and some new faces again ☺️

Tomorrow is the and community meeting: decided to suspend my account, no reasons provided.

I messaged them and now the suspension has been lifted, but without any explanation. Details here:

I'd really like folks to switch and use Mastodon instead. If you run into an ill willed admin, you can simply start your own decentralized federation server.

- But so far I'm happy with the admin, thanks @milan ;-)


I'm off to in Hamburg tomorrow morning, is anyone else going to show up there too?

Wow… Habe gerade entdeckt, daß mit Ecki Stieg von Hannover seit ein paar Jahren neu aufgelegt wurde. Für Fans elektronischer Musik ein Muss, damit sind die Mittwoch Abende nun verplant ;-)

Wow… just discovered that radio show "Grenzwellen" with Ecki Stieg has been reborn after a 17 year hiatus. It's coverage of alternative electronic music is unparalleled, the show's an absolute must for fans of electronic music. Now blocking all Wednesday evenings

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