faces a typical revolution“. I am the first to admit how blind I was... in the early days we all thought by liberating the voice of the people the Internet would support democracy and liberty... but apparently it only liberates anger and hate. Are we humans really that bad at civility?


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How lies become truth in online America: washingtonpost.com/national/no

And now what...? What does this tell us? What should we do about it? I think it's an interesting vignette, but honestly I don't really know what this means and what the right answer to all this is...

I'm currently reading Niall Ferguson's "Empire". It is certainly very difficult to judge the British Empire... still, quite a startling contrast to Britain today.

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«#Female Pleasure» – ein Film plädiert für die Rückeroberung der weiblichen Lust - https://social.bitcast.info/url/845308

But then... I posted my first tweet, and I got locked out *again* for "suspicious behaviour", but this time I would have to need to submit a mobile phone number...

As I don't want to do this, my experience started and ended within about 4 minutes.

I guess they are by now *really* paranoid about all kinds of political bots.

Ok, so I wanted to set-up a account, as unfortunately there are many people you can only engage with over there. Before I could even set a password, it told me I exhibited "suspicious behaviour" violating the "Twitter Rules" and locked my account until I completed a Google ReCAPTCHA... ok, so far so good...

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Weniger ? Ja, gerne... Nur, wie füllen dann und Co. ihre 24/7-Webseiten und Kommentarspalten? Wird nicht vielleicht gleich viel gejammert wie früher, aber die Medien blasen heute jedes klick-gerecht auf?


@eloquence @lib_reviews Do you still have lib.reviews invite codes to share? It looks like an interesting site I would really like to explore!

@lib_reviews Hey there, I just discovered your site and it looks really interesting! Would it be possible to share an invite with me?

ist auch eine Charakterfrage - schreibt die . Ich interpretiere den Artikel dabei positiv als Forderung und Anspruch an sich selbst, als ein Ziel, von dem man noch weit entfernt ist und auf das man hinarbeiten soll — und nicht als selbstgefällige „Ist“-Beschreibung vermeintlicher Überlegenheit: nzz.ch/feuilleton/liberalismus

But what I don‘t get is that his insistence never to have had a blackout after drinking too much does not seem very believable. Lying *today* should be a problem for getting promoted to the Supreme Court, no?

I don‘t get this thing... In my opinion, there is a reason we have statues of limitation (or should have them, anyways): everyone deserves a second chance and should be able to leave bad decisions behind at some point. And, secondly, after such a long time any accusation will very often be both unprovable and unrefutable. So I don‘t see this as a showstopper...


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