Working with the team who has to seize all these assets around the globe must be an interesting experience.

Also a shout-out to the bankers at who did *not* take the dirty money!

Interesting policy brief from the on Germany's new "National Industrial Strategy 2030":

A good reminder that is not limited to Trump's America.

" and have become 'antithetical to democracy,' says The Age of Surveillance Capitalism author Shoshana Zuboff"

Interesting interview (and presumably interesting book, too, although I haven't read it yet). I think she is a bit too aggressive in some areas; I don't buy her story that this was planned by Google & Co., I think it happened by accident and the players themselves don't know how to react.


Sehr guter Artikel von der NZZ zum - :

Insbesondere lesenswert ist auch der Kasten unten zur Mechanik der Handelsbilanz und warum -Überschüsse gleich Abfluss von Investitionen sind... auch für Deutschland relevant.

@OCCRP We should never underestimate the importance of a .

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NEW: Neither investigative reporter #JanKuciak nor his fiancée Martina Kusnirova, noticed they were being watched or had any idea they were being targeted.

A year ago, both were shot and killed in their new home. This is how it happened.

#justice4jan #allforjan #slovakia #mafia #organizedcrime #corruption #land

"Auf Dauer wird das Lohnniveau für immer grössere Bevölkerungsschichten sinken müssen":

Haben wir uns mit und in eine Sackgasse manövriert?

Ich frage mich schon auch: in Ländern wie der ist es faktisch gar nicht mehr möglich, die Zinsen deutlich zu erhöhen, weil dann sofort enorm breite Bevölkerungskreise die ihrer nicht mehr bedienen könnten...

Huh. Looking at this graph of Germany's net international investment position, one cannot help but notice that this cannot go on forever...

faces a typical revolution“. I am the first to admit how blind I was... in the early days we all thought by liberating the voice of the people the Internet would support democracy and liberty... but apparently it only liberates anger and hate. Are we humans really that bad at civility?

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@orbit Well, the article is about a very explicit case of "fake news" which has nothing to do with an "opponent opinion". If you're making up stuff you're not providing an "opponent opinion", you're just making stuff up. There can be value in alternative media, I'm not denying this, but this is not it.

As a sidenote, I'm not sure about your assessment on the migration pact. Spahn's controversy is on the front-page of right now, which I wouldn't exactly call "alternative media".

How lies become truth in online America:

And now what...? What does this tell us? What should we do about it? I think it's an interesting vignette, but honestly I don't really know what this means and what the right answer to all this is...

I'm currently reading Niall Ferguson's "Empire". It is certainly very difficult to judge the British Empire... still, quite a startling contrast to Britain today.

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«#Female Pleasure» – ein Film plädiert für die Rückeroberung der weiblichen Lust -

@rommudoh Yes, that is really unfortunate about Posteo... They say it is because if you link your own domain, you won't be pseudonymous to them anymore, which would somehow defeat their unique selling proposition... But still, even if you don't care about pseudonymity that much, they would still just be a very good email provider. :)

On the other hand, is really awesome as well, and for my own domains I also use them, so it's a bit like choosing between heaven and paradise. ;)

But then... I posted my first tweet, and I got locked out *again* for "suspicious behaviour", but this time I would have to need to submit a mobile phone number...

As I don't want to do this, my experience started and ended within about 4 minutes.

I guess they are by now *really* paranoid about all kinds of political bots.

Ok, so I wanted to set-up a account, as unfortunately there are many people you can only engage with over there. Before I could even set a password, it told me I exhibited "suspicious behaviour" violating the "Twitter Rules" and locked my account until I completed a Google ReCAPTCHA... ok, so far so good...

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