Does anyone out there run a #freeshop #freestore #verschenkeladen or #umsonstladen?

How do you deal with 'unwanted' items? Do you sell any items?



I'm an associate of the local free shop. We are used to the unpleasant fact, that there is so much rubish circulating consumer society. Sometimes the freeshop feels like a relay for the recycling industry. Never seriously thought about selling stuff (whereas we really could need some money). Another option might be: running your own recycling line. Powered by project . That stuff could then be sold as "freeshop merch" ;-)

@tobi @douginamug About 20% of the incoming books in our (books, CDs, DVDs, games, puzzles etc.) goes to the BSR (recycling), 500 kg every week.

@douginamug @tobi 5.000 books per month, limited to 3 books a day per customer. Donation ware, used books.

@tuxpost2 @tobi Can you send me a link to the initiative? Do you use any kind of book management, @inventaire for example?

@douginamug @tobi @inventaire No special book management. Prescreening and sorting for some topics or A-Z. Comes in, goes out. The Kulturring e.V. has 8 "Mediapoints" in Berlin, our store in Schöneberg has the most customers and the most donated books (ca. 80.000 books per year).
(german only)

@tobi yes! Well, we have more stuff in storage than fits in our space. One of our volunteers did an unannounced experiment selling some clothes noone wantef through 'kleiderkreisel', a platform I hadn't heard of before. The money will go to the freeshop or to charity, haven't decided yet, nor what to make of the whole idea. The question seems to be: is selling better than throwing away? ( for more details by the way)

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