@Maltimore Yes! And it's real. I doubt it will be implemented on large scale soon, but it's also interesting for garden and community design imho.

@tofuwabohu I believe thinking in terms of "large scale" is inherently capitalist. We should abandon the concept entirely and replace it with something like "appropriate scale", as in "to a scale that will allow us to reap advantages off the idea without damaging the ecosystem"


@Antanicus @tofuwabohu
Although I wasn't the original commenter that you answered to, I don't have problems with the term large-scale here. I think at this point it's literally a survive or die out situation with the climate, and we desperately need large-scale green energy.


Are you completely sure that toxic elements of this industrial facility will not pass into the plants or if the manufacturing processes of this technology do not produce pollution in other places or if this technology is scalable for the majority of the human population?

Sorry but I would'nt be so triumphant. Is a half win, at most.

Of course not. But it's way better than solar panels on grass or even dust/gravel. Regarding the large scale, see my other comment (hope it federates correctly).

@tofuwabohu @DialMforMara i am planning to do this if I can. Shaded raised beds for things that can’t take the summer heat. (Applies to the gardener also.)

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