I wrote a script to find out from which instances the accounts I'm following are and of which platform types these instances are. It uses the list you can export from the Mastodon settings. Platform detection is ugly and probably buggy but I don't know how to do better, if you have any tipps let me know. Also, there are way more platforms I should include!

These are the results for my account (each instance is counted once):
mastodon: 38
pixelfed: 1
pleroma: 3
friendica: 2
error: 1

@dansup I was looking for something like that I think but didn't know how to search for it. Will have a look into NodeInfo, thanks!

@tofuwabohu should contain the uri of the nodeinfo endpoint if supported. I know pixelfed, pleroma and mastodon support it.

@dansup I checked some instances and found about 15 which don't have the /.well-known/nodeinfo dir, unfortunately. But I'll include it anyways and use the old way as a fallback

@dansup #Friendica and #Hubzilla too.
@tofuwabohu : what are the software used by instances you found not supporting it?

@emax All Mastodon iirc, I'll recheck later. Didn't investigate further yet.

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