As the CEO of "Conny Duck's late night hacking sessions™" I am proud to announce the newest fediverse app: #Pixelcat #meow

Pixelcat is a beautiful and fast Android client for the fediverse. It focuses on images and is primarily intended to be used with @pixelfed but it works with @Mastodon and #Pleroma as well (everything that speaks Mastodon api).
#Pixelcat is free and open source (GPLv3).

I had the idea for #Pixelcat about 2 years ago. The domain was registered on 22. March 2019 😅
So I am really glad I made it this far, but there is still about 40% missing for a real release.
Funfact: I just wanted to know how to get a gradient behind the status bar and try some new AndroidX libraries, not build a new fediverse client, but one thing lead to another

Pixelcat is 100% written in Kotlin and utilizes coroutines for async stuff. I tried to write super readable and concise code but I don't know whether I achieved that. Its now only about 10k lines of code which is not much imho.

So the plan is to implement all the features listed in the repo readme and publish dev snapshots as often as possible. Once thats done there will be a public beta release on @fdroidorg and Google Play.
Note: The dev snapshots will not feature database migrations and thus will need fresh installs to work.

Given my current speed with the project that might take some time, since I will definitely not abandon Tusky and I have other hobbies like painting as well.
But now it is public and you can help! How? Download the first build and give me feedback:
Read the contribution guidelines and get in touch with me if you can contribute code!
🧡 ❤️


@ConnyDuck Was about to open an issue about media descriptions - happy to see you already did that! That would be the main reason for me to use the app over my current solution (website in sandboxed browser "WebApps" app). It's way to hidden in the webui imho.

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