A good friend of mine found her way into the She is a great musician from . If you have time say hello and check out her lovely ! =)

@torstentorsten friends don't let friends register on any chance to convince them to move?

@torsten_torsten @torstentorsten open registrations and almost no moderation, a lot of racism, antisemitism and other things got reported but never removed. A lot of cool instances are blocking them already

@gcrkrause @torstentorsten Okay, thanks, I didn't know that. The list of servers that blocks looked like they care. Would you recommend than?


I would recommend to pick a server with fitting topics or rules, this highly depends on the user, of course. But I am happy to welcome anyone from Leipzig, who is not distributing hate speech :)

@torsten_torsten @torstentorsten maybe it changed? Not sure. But i saw people complaining about issues a few days ago

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