Short downtime (exp. 10 Minutes) due to server maintenance.

We're back!

Sorry for the short downtime. I needed to restart the physical server for maintenance.

Ejabberd server config and Webchat are updated in Git. If you're interested in running your own server, have a peek!

Ejabberd server config:

Converse.js site:

#xmpp #trashserver

@mike @trashserver almost - we are 1 test short, see

The thing missing are avatars in MUC rooms (specific subset of XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatar, which is supported in itself)

Upcoming 8.1.0 will have 100% :-)

Professionalität ist alles.

Bald ist alles erledigt bzgl. Migration. #trashserver

File upload is still limited due to DNS changes. Clients need to pick these up before upload works.

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