Zuerst wird der Basisdienst wiederhergestellt. Extras wie Tor Onion service und XMPP over TLS müssen noch warten.

Basic services will be restored, first. Special services like Tor Onion access and XMPP over TLS will be restored later.

@trashserver why is xmpp without tls even a thing? I mean what's the point of xmpp without at least client-server-encryption?

@lucy it's a missunderstanding :-) XMPP without TLS is possible, but most servers allow only TLS secured connections. So does mine. No worries. Everything is secure.

"XMPP over TLS" is a special XEP (XMPP standard extension) that allows connections e.g. via TLS and port 443 to "hide" it. That's mainly for hotel Wifi and such things. The name of the standard is just bad :-(

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