I'm happy to announce that my colocation hoster Tinc GmbH and me have worked out a plan how to proceed with the network issues. infrastructure (including and will be moved to another ASN, operated by a different provider. This will probably resolve some of the issues we had recently.

If everything goes well, all services will be available again tomorrow evening.

Just to clarify: Tinc GmbH is not the operator of my current upstream. Services will be integrated into their network more tightly. We hope to improve reliability and cooperation.

Shout-out to Tinc GmbH for their helpfulness! 👏

Thanks for the good news and (once again) for your work! This is also good news: there are people like you who care!

@trashserver I am so glad you found a way and metalhead will be back soon.
I'm already looking forward to coming home. :D

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