Connectivity issues with have been resolved :-)

@tigase They do, but the Captchas are not very strong and easy to decode with modern image analysis.

trashserver seems to not be affected so much, compared to other servers. Still it is safer to disable registrations for now... until a better registration process is developed.

@tigase it seems like a lot of XMPP servers are facing many more registrations by bots than usual and some spam messages / contact requests are sent to users.

Sorry guys - registration on is closed until an effective weapon against the current spam attack in the XMPP network is found.

@jr ist jetzt wieder alles gut? Ich musste ein paar Neustarts machen wegen Experimenten am DNS ;-)


Moved all IPv4 connections to my new firewall. Let me know if you have connectivity issues on or!

I'm updating to Ejabberd 20.07. This might cause a short outage.

We're back online via legacy internet. IPv6 is not yet available. I'm trying to restore connectivity.

Not what you want to see on a Sunday evening.

I hope the issue at the data center is resolved, soon.

There's some network issues in the data center. I expect the services to be back, soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience! is bored. Don't have any more to say to your contacts? What about a video call?

Let that server toil!

Updates are finished. πŸ™‚ should be operating normally.

I'm performing hypervisor level updates and a reboot at the moment. Please stand by.

Maintenance is over!

You should now be able to make video calls via Conversations - also in highly restricted networks such as "Guest Wifis" and hotel networks.

As always: If you experience any issues, let me know!

I'm still testing the latest changes. But let me know if something does not work, yet :-)

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