Ejabberd updated to Version 19.09. if you experience any problems, let me know :-)

Support for up to 500 MUC participants enabled ✅

Have fun!

trashserver.net was also affected by this security issue: github.com/ThomasLeister/proso

The bug was fixed a few minutes ago, and an up to date version was deloyed on trashserver.net.

If you use OMEMO encrypted conversations, there's nothing to worry about.

If you didn't, there's a (low) probability that someone could have checked out which files you uploaded / shared.

Please use OMEMO whenever possible to prevent any software bugs on the server side to be effective.

Security advisory regarding Prosody-Filer (XMPP server upload server):


Please update to version 1.0.1 as son as possible!

Previous versions are affected by a bug that can lead to information leak and expose a list of previous uploaded files of any user.

#prosodyFiler #security #infosec #xmpp #server

Rolled back to the state of 17:20 UTC.

Data that has been created after that time will be lost.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

... rolling back to the previous version, because there were some issues with modules such as http_uploiad that I cannot resolve now (because of limited free time).

There will be a short downtime of the XMPP service because of an update.,

The Tor hidden service is down because of issues with Apparmor.

It might take a while until the problem can be resolved.

Consider using trashserver.net without the hidden service in the meantime.

@2342 nur, wenn du den Tor onion service nutzt. Der ist seit gestern Abend kaputt.

Tor .onion service for trashserver.net is currently not available.

I'm working on a fix.

Short downtime (exp. 10 Minutes) due to server maintenance.

We're back!

Sorry for the short downtime. I needed to restart the physical server for maintenance.

Ejabberd server config and Webchat are updated in Git. If you're interested in running your own server, have a peek!

Ejabberd server config: github.com/ThomasLeister/trash

Converse.js site: github.com/ThomasLeister/webch

#xmpp #trashserver

@mike @trashserver almost - we are 1 test short, see compliance.conversations.im/se

The thing missing are avatars in MUC rooms (specific subset of XEP-0153: vCard-Based Avatar, which is supported in itself)

Upcoming 8.1.0 will have 100% :-)

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