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TOR status:

.onion link: not working ❌
"normal" link: working ✔️

Some services like upload are not ready, yet. Basic chat functionality is restored.

Some clients have already found the new IP and are connecting :-)

Firewall is configured and clients should be able to connect.

Old Prosody instance is powered down. New instance is prepared and running.

Waiting for XMPP clients to connect to new IP address.

"why did that take so long?" you might ask.

Well ... version 0.11 brings a lot of new features and configurations needs to be adapted to that. All in all it's a mayor upgrade, which needs to be planned and prepared.

I didn't have the time in the last couple of month. But now that a server move is necessary, I'll do all the dangerous stuff at once.

Let's keep our fingers crossed and hope that everything goes well! 🤞

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For interested users: We'll be switching servers and there will be an upgrade to Prosody 0.11 - finally! 🎉

Dear Users, will be under maintenance on Sat, 31th of March from approx. 2pm CEST to 6pm CEST. There will be service interrutions during this period of time. I expect the service to be fully available again at 6pm.Thanks for understanding!

Liebe User,
wegen Wartungsarbeiten wird der Chat-Dienst am Sonntag, dem 31. März ab ca 14:00 Uhr nicht durchgehend erreichbar sein. Ich erwarte eine Fertigstellung der Arbeiten bis ca 18:00 Uhr. Bis dahin sollte wieder voll verfügbar sein. Danke für euer Verständnis!

The problem seems to be local - none of your user accounts should have been affected :-)

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We're having issues with the authentication right now. I'm searching for the cause of the problems.

I'm very sorry for the crashes in the past few days. The cause of the outages was this bug:

... which is resolved, now :-)

Happy XMPPing!

Did you experience failing file uploads in the past?

This issue is now resolved! 🎉

(will be merged into the next official "Prosody Filer" release, soon.)

Deleted > 3,800 inactive accounts.

As many user just register to try XMPP, this has become a regular annualy task for me.

Sorry for yesterday's outage!

There was an error in one server module that caused the whole XMPP system to crash.

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