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Hey guys,

here is the (unofficial) information that the server will be shut down soon.
It is anounced on

- a relocation of the server is impossible.
- Please migrate all your accounts and contacts to other servers.
You can find a list of servers e.g. here:

Important: The app (formerly Pix-Art) is not affected!

Please share, because it seems there was/will be no server message!


Das Upgrade auf Ejabberd 21.01 war erfolgreich 🙂


The upgrade to Ejabberd 21.01 succeeded :-)

Ich versuche, ein Upgrade auf Ejabberd 21.01 durchzuführen.


I'm trying to perform an upgrade to Ejabberd 21.01.

Schade, dass trashserver in so manchem MUC auch zum Verbreiten merkwürdiger Corona-Verschwörungstheorien genutzt wird.

Ich überlege mir, ob ein Update der Nutzungsbedingungen Sinn ergibt.

Connectivity issues with have been resolved :-)

Sorry guys - registration on is closed until an effective weapon against the current spam attack in the XMPP network is found.

I'm updating to Ejabberd 20.07. This might cause a short outage.

We're back online via legacy internet. IPv6 is not yet available. I'm trying to restore connectivity.

Not what you want to see on a Sunday evening.

I hope the issue at the data center is resolved, soon.

There's some network issues in the data center. I expect the services to be back, soon.

Sorry for any inconvenience! is bored. Don't have any more to say to your contacts? What about a video call?

Let that server toil!

Updates are finished. 🙂 should be operating normally.

I'm performing hypervisor level updates and a reboot at the moment. Please stand by.

Maintenance is over!

You should now be able to make video calls via Conversations - also in highly restricted networks such as "Guest Wifis" and hotel networks.

As always: If you experience any issues, let me know!

I'm still testing the latest changes. But let me know if something does not work, yet :-)

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