Retevis RT80 with JumboSPOT(MMDVMHost on OpenBSD/amd64) is now working!

Listening TG91 is very exciting. DX station is near.

DMR on your Dstar radio! Check this out!

Transcoding reflector XLX389 is connected to DMR Brandmeister talk group 91 worldwide. How cool is this transcoding multimode reflector, you can talk to DMR stations on worldwide Tg91 using any Dstar radio.

@gemlog Transcoding is fantastic technology to break barriers of D-STAR/YSF/DMR protocol. But in Japan we need station license for transcoded protocol (if I use DMR->D-STAR transcoder, I need to add D-STAR station license and target station needs vice versa).

YSF/D-STAR transceiver is not cheap, I enjoy DMR life for a while....

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