My first successful woodworking project, entirely made with hand tools!

Wood was prepared with a japanese plane, cut with japanese saws; joints cut and chiseled by hand, glass was cut by hand, even the glue I made myself from glutinous rice!

It's not perfect but I learned a ton and am extremely happy with it, given that it's my first project 😊

Not sure about the wood, I think it's plum. It was two pieces of european fruit tree scrap wood.

@unicorn A very satisfying process and you should be very proud of the result! πŸ‘

@ubo Thanks, it was quite long and hard at >30°C, but it was a great learning experience! I am very proud and satisfied indeed 😊
Next time I will make a jig to help me get the joints more consistent, I struggled a lot with those πŸ˜…


@unicorn For working with hand toools, I highly recommend the YT-channel of Paul Sellers. He is using "western" tools, but it is a pleasure to watch and listen to him. I learned a ton e.g. sharpening tools, using hand planes, chisels, saws and marking knife, chiseling mortices, cutting tenons,...

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@ubo Yeah, I think you recommended him to me before, I have watched a lot of his videos now (and love them) and the jig idea is borrowed from him πŸ˜„

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