On this day three years ago we had a lot of fun taking out the trash:


Yes, we're a lot better today :D

@bekopharm πŸ‘ Very nice footage! Cutting twice looks so easy in cinema or tv, but seems to be very difficult in reality. Or is that maybe because of this (heavy and long?) kind of sword?

@ubo Nah. It's not difficult when you're young and in training. Weight isn't an issue (with a decent and sharp blade) :-)

@bekopharm Btw: that looked like a sharp blade. Do you use this for training?

@ubo yes, in training but not with partners. For this there are "sharp simulators" that are basically plastic ones with a saw teeth like shape.

It really depends on what is trained.

e.g. not going to waste a sharp on a pell (beside some half-swording mebbe).

@bekopharm "plastic ones with a saw teeth like shape" 😱
I don't think I would ever like to train with you! πŸ™‚

@ubo well I suppose we can start out with foam wasters πŸ˜‚

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