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Nouvel épisode de Better Call Saul les enfants ! Qui regarde ? 📺

I'm still a little confused about federation in that, there are instances like that I'm interested in, but I don't want to make 20 different Mastodon logins to track all these different small worlds

So, instead of saying "Mastodon, please add translation feature." you better say "Does anyone in here can develop translation feature?"

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Isn't publishing a recipe for a "Clean out your fridge salad" counter-productive?

:sunglasses: statistics:
7,248 partypeople
+9 in the last hour
+619 in the last day

Hello Japanese mastodon users. What caused the sudden spike in Japanese users?


Random thought from this AM:

Birdsite is what *we* made it.

We're the ones who followed & retweeted the . We're the ones who became more concerned with our metrics and status as than with having conversations.

We're the ones who collectively decided to build clusters of mutual self promotion and call them communities, who gave over our timelines in service of amplifying celebrities and brands and corporate media channels.

Birdsite didn't make us do that. We chose it.

Hier ist ein Foto von der leckeren Käse-Lauch-Suppe, die es heute Mittag gab.

Oh, schon alles weg - tut mir leid, nix mehr übrig für ein Foto

I hope at some point Mastodon incorporates a translator because of all the French. I love France and dig the French so I bet I'm missing some cool shit.

Is there any way to verify identities of fellow mastodonians?

Gehört Pizza zu "kaltgewalzten Flacherzeugnissen"?

@keingenie Try scrolling through the local and federated timelines. If you see a post you find interesting, check out the person's profile & follow them if you like it. That's how I did. :)

For the new Mastodon users:

- to see the whole conversation = click on the minutes/time.
- the pineapple ... I'll let you find out yourself 😏

Let's Toot (damn you autocorrect).

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