We're pleased to announce that #glimpse has now been accepted on Github Sponsors! 🎉


All proceeds will go directly to our existing Open Collective campaign, with the added benefit that Github will match your contribution.


@glimpse It is probably a better idea to move away from Github, not create financial dependence. This is a move by Microsoft to further increase acceptance, popularity and dependence of developers on their proprietary and centralized platform, and everyone is just running to profit from the carrot they are holding in front of our faces.

It would be a more sustainable move to finally abandon this centralized, commercial and proprietary software silo. Please consider this.

@glimpse Better alternatives are by @sir or the Gitea-based platform @codeberg, paired with simply building a more sustainable funding model and perhaps campaigning for donations. Don't take the "easy" route if it leads straight into a volcano. :)

@unicorn our use of Github is something we are keeping under review. See this FAQ answer for more details: glimpse-editor.org/about/#why-

A self-hosted Gitea server is being considered for use specifically with our build system, so that might be of interest to people boycotting the service.

A total migration is unlikely in the near future because we require effective moderation tools, guaranteed uptime, and a solid justification for the time/money cost of doing it in the first place.

@glimpse Thank you for the open response and explanation!

I understand the reasons that led to this decision, though it's unfortunate. I believe we should make sacrifices if necessary to break out from closed tooling and platforms, but thats easy to say from the outside.

I hope that Glimpse will grow, and perhaps community efforts can then help giving you the hands and funds you need for a migration like this. Don't grow too dependent on GH's comforts, they are also a shackle. :)

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