Brief summary of the T&C for using the internet in my student dorm.
Is this even legal?

This is not satire! I don't even know whether to laugh or cry! I guarantee that less than 5% of the tenants are conforming with these rules. Most people attach their own router. The network is so insecure that I can find other people's routers on them, complete with factory passwords.

FYI there is also only one single LAN cable, no WIFI.

Here's another picture to give a better idea of how it was constructed

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My first successful woodworking project, entirely made with hand tools!

Wood was prepared with a japanese plane, cut with japanese saws; joints cut and chiseled by hand, glass was cut by hand, even the glue I made myself from glutinous rice!

It's not perfect but I learned a ton and am extremely happy with it, given that it's my first project 😊

Not sure about the wood, I think it's plum. It was two pieces of european fruit tree scrap wood.

Same piece of (I think Plum) wood, just cut differently. Left is cut along the grain, right is cut cross-grain. I love wood! 😍

Just installed on an old phone (Samsung Galaxy SIII Mini) and I am super impressed! Happy to have the opportunity to try Linux on my phone 😊

So far only tried and it works great and is pretty responsive (eg moving windows without delay), though application startup has a small delay because the phone is a bit old. I will have to install it with a virtual keyboard and a terminal emulator next time though because I am pretty powerless right now 😁


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