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@martijnbraam You all are making me want to make a gemini client as my first project 😄

@Lalartu In Serbia we call it "pita", we made it with stinging nettles instead of spinach, which we would pick from the area on our way home. :)

Brief summary of the T&C for using the internet in my student dorm.
Is this even legal?

This is not satire! I don't even know whether to laugh or cry! I guarantee that less than 5% of the tenants are conforming with these rules. Most people attach their own router. The network is so insecure that I can find other people's routers on them, complete with factory passwords.

FYI there is also only one single LAN cable, no WIFI.

@iooioio Same question hits harder the other way around:
Why would you prefer needing an account on a closed, centralized platform over something decentralized, open and distributed like email?

@eqe @ConnyDuck I'm a fan of the post-scarcity rainbown unicorns personally :^)


git != Github/Gitlab etc, patch-based workflows over email have been around for much longer than those frontends and are preferred by many, and for good reason. :)

@Lalartu They look insane and I need a recipe! I'd also be happy with a plain one, I miss Semmelknödel since going vegan... 😌

As @sir also pointed out, there are much better ways of getting people into programming and contributing to FOSS, like mentoring for example.

Just getting X PRs merged is not a benchmark nor an adequate excerxise for contributing to FOSS.

@codeberg I'm not sure I share this "it's that one person who caused this" explanation.

It completely misses that a company set up this event as a publicity stunt, disregarding the possible consequences to thousands of projects who have to waste time on low quality "contributions" by people who just want a t-shirt.

Blaming it on a YouTube creator who just showed the easiest way of getting there does not seem adequate to me, it's at best only part of the reason.

@Herbstfreud Hier ist dasselbe passiert, liegt also nicht an mir oder meinem Gerät...
Dann werde ich mich heute mal beklagen, in der Hoffnung, dass sich etwas ändert. Eigentlich gefällt mir /e/OS.

I need some emotional support, I was looking for pear dessert recipes and found the worst sin of web design I have ever witnessed:

2824 requests to
256 unique hosts,
212 cookies, of which
194 are third party cookies, with
0 consent or interaction required.

And the site had “green planet" in its name.

@GambaJo Schlimmer als das, wir spielen gar keinen Apokalypse Simulator sondern ein Sandbox Spiel und haben die Apokalypse selbst geschaffen 🤦‍♂️

@silkevicious She sounds like a beautiful person, it must be sad to know she has moved on, but I am sure to a good place ❤🙏

@nerdosoph Ich wohne in Heidelberg und bin sehr lernbereit, musst nur genauer beschreiben worum es geht 😁

@reticuleena Auch hier zeigt sich die verzerrte Wahrnehmung des Staates von seiner eigenen Aufgabe:

Kontrolle geht über Schutz der Bürger.

Und wenn es um Schutz der Bürger geht, fällt denen auch wieder nur Kontrolle als Mittel ein.

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