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Announcing the SourceHut project hub πŸŽ‰

I don't usually explicitly ask for shares, but this is a big deal for SourceHut - the project hub solves one of our major goals for the alpha. Please help spread the word ❀️

Hey #AcaTooters, planning to build a writing community where we help each other with dissertations. As an end-stage PhD scholar, I would especially like to reach out to graduates, masters, and early stage researchers who need direction and help. Planning to mix it up with creative writing as well. Tweet back if you like the idea and would like to sign up!

What are some of your favorite software projects or tools which are "done"? Projects that do their job and do it well, and receive no new features other than the occasional bugfix.

If you don’t want .ORG – the top-level domain used by civil society, not-for-profits (like Small Technology Foundation), etc. – to be sold off to a faceless private equity firm for $1.1 billion by ICAAN, please comment here now:

I need recommendations for !

My friend works in an education NGO. Since their current solutionis struggling to cope with the user load, they are looking for an alternative. My friend just managed to stop them from immediately using AWS, so we are looking for less bad alternatives now.

It will be used for for currently 20000 people. It needs to be something reliable with a good track record, please keep that in mind :)

Would anyone like to take the domain It was originally purchased for a pixelfed instance that never appeared.

Here's the deal: I'll add whatever DNS records you want for the domain, and you have a week to do something with it, and if I see you've got stuff set up then I'll transfer it to you.

I don't want your money but your registrar might charge you for the transfer.

Boots welcome.

Can somebody recommend a nice homeserver, perhaps hosted by one of you? Don't want to use :)

Kann mir jemand einen guten Matrix homeserver empfehlen, am besten von eine*r von euch gehosted? Will nicht gerne nutzen :)

We cannot allow the COVID-19 pandemic to serve as an excuse for indefinite surveillance: We call on all governments not to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic with increased digital surveillance #corona #COVID19

@Jami Regarding the settings for bootstrap server etc, I later found them in the settings of individual accounts. Sorry for shooting early there :)

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@Jami Hey, just wanted to ask two things about the android client:
In some blog posts you mention custom settings for bootstrap server, nameserver etc, but these settings are absent on android, which would render the app unusable in case of a Jami outage. Do you have plans for implementing this on android too? I consider this very essential.

Also, the changelog for android (linked in F-Droid has not been updated in over a year. Am I missing something?
Thanks in advamce for any reply!

It’s time to stay home, but no time to go into hiding: On April 11th und 12th, we’re doing a Digital Distributed Online-Chaos with many talks.

For my German followers:

Irgendwie finde ich, dass anstelle von "Regierung" ein anderer Begriff noch angebrachter wΓ€re:


Ich finde das passt noch viel viel besser zur Politik. Es wird nichts gemacht und dereguliert und profitiert bis das Kind in den Brunnen gefallen ist, und dann kann die sich kΓΌmmern und uns alle retten. Vor dem Problem, dass sie geschaffen haben.

This tells us all we need to know about global rankings

(some of them may be valid, but without incredibly in-depth expertise we will never know which)

Shout-out to every project which isn't on GitHub

Just something that came up in a discussion:
In industrialized societies we hardly see the consequences and costs of our actions.

We buy some electronics and we think the energy usage is what it uses while running, and the cost is what it took of our money, and the waste happens when we put it in the trash.

The hidden truth is that the production is vastly more energy intensive than the use, the cost to others is far greater than to us and the waste is created along the chain of production.

"...working on medical devices, such as open source ventilators, to have a fast and easy solution that can be reproduced and assembled locally worldwide. If you have any skills...join the Helpful Engineering group"


#boost #Coronavirus

@protonmail When will finally be available on F-Droid and without GCM?

I believe the announcement was around a year ago, and I am a paying customer hoping for support that goes beyond "go to this website, download an APK and have no push notifications". Many other Apps have managed, so why is it taking ProtonMail so long? This is meant to be a -respecting service, so why are users who have a more privacy-respecting system disadvantaged and neglected?

Does somebody have advice on how to calm an extremely strong and persistent cough?

I caught a cold last week and I am currently coughing so much that I cant sleep or even take two breaths without breaking into coughing again. Really need help, doctor and medicines will only be possible tomorrow morning.

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