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Whenever I see an interior shot from a bygone era like this (in this case 70s) I always wonder how accurate the colors are. All magazine photos fade to some degree so unless swatches were well preserved, we’re really only relying on decades-old memories

@cypnk It's even more striking with video material. We intuitively understand b/w and color, but also the meaning of Super8 & VHS, 4:3 & 16:9, SD & HD are deeply engrained in our visual memory and almost never challenged. We can usually tell what era a certain video is from, and this tends to override the actual memories & color impressions from that era.

It's fun to watch 2018 artistic material shot on VHS or Super8 (e.g. certain skateboard movies). It's confusing and challenges our perception

Alex@rtnVFRmedia Suffolk UK @vfrmedia

@resist_berlin @cypnk I often watch Die Sendung mit der Maus both to practise my German and for the technical/aesthetic quality of the Sachgeschichten - Armin still uses Arriflex 16mm cameras for his segments (especially the slow motion footage), but digital editing (hence no scratches/dust on the film) whereas Christoph uses digital equipment throughout (I noticed this on a behind the scenes doku)..

@vfrmedia @cypnk That's a very good example - people sometimes accuse Armin of re-using old segments from the 90s, because of the aesthetic. But if you look closely, you will find so many hints that his segments have been shot recently (e.g. recent car models in the background, smartphones). It's just the camera and the way it's made...

@resist_berlin @cypnk

I've seen Christoph re-use his 1980s 16mm segments in modern ones, he looks obviously younger in those.

Those tend to be when he is doing some more physical/stunt work type acting; which is fair enough as he is about 70 now and understandably wouldn't want to attempt some of those things again!

(it still fits in as unlike the other presenters he plays a more comical "silent movie" type character, complete with his own theme tune and often the green jumper).


BTW if you are not familiar with who Christoph is here is some more info (from English wikipedia and there is also an English section on his own website if you do not read German)