"This was a group of so-called alt-right protesters who decided that a socialist bookshop, which stocks radical literature and working-class history titles and provides stalls for national trade union conferences, was a legitimate target for violence."

If this kind of shit doesn't wake up people, then nothing will. Fascists attacking books is the last step before fascists attacking people.


@Antanicus The bookstore owner pathetically whinged, “But what can you do? We can’t be having guards, we’re not a disco with bouncers, we’re a bookshop.” That’s about the size of the problem. Few enough on the Left have a realistic sense of the current threat condition.


@Shufei @Antanicus

I used to help put on "discos" (well quite large raves to be fair). those who didn't deploy /some/ kind of security (not always obvious "bouncer" types) soon found out the hard way why it might be needed. I've helped guard a few squats and I am not a big scary guy either!

Not all people who work in security related jobs are authoritarian knuckle dragging meatheads and some like to read books (and understand the need to protect them...)

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