Oh, I see Demon Internet are going to be shut down.

I was never a customer, but they have been around since the early days and always had a good reputation.


@fitheach I think I briefly had a dialup account back in the days of Freeserve et al. They were really well regarded back then.

Freeserve? We were with them for a while. They had a two hour connection limit. You could reconnect immediately, but it did interrupt what you were doing. I added a script to wvdial which started a countdown timer once connected. At 1 hour 58 minutes it played a tone as a reminder the connection would soon be terminated. Those weren't the days. 😃


@fitheach @jamie

I used to have Demon in the early 1990s, they weren't too bad for a few years but their capacity at British Telecom was repeatedly exhausted for months on end (constant equipment engaged tones).

ISTR that BT made a commercial decision it was more profitable to pay Demon compensation (i think they even gave them free racks of modems) and do the upgrades at *their* timescales, around the same time more competitors arrived and the market and ASDL and DOCSIS slowly appearing..

@fitheach @jamie

PS: I also remember a time around 1999/2000, where Freeserve had become consistently *more* reliable than Demon to the point I used it in preference until I got 512K DOCSIS via NTL around 2001 (I knew someone who worked there so got it earlier than others in the town).

I also had to discourage one of our kittens from disconnecting the telephone extension cables (when we got broadband he also disconnected LAN cables as an adult cat) 😸

@vfrmedia @fitheach Happy times. I remember dreaming about having an ISDN line before ADSL as a thing - or if I became ultra-rich, the holy grail of a T1 connection.

I've not looked at things like this for years. Back in the day T1 connections were hugely expensive.


@vfrmedia @fitheach Also remember fondly my first 256kb (might have been 512?) connection. Felt like lightning. No way I was ever going to need anything faster than that!

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