The sheer number of people on Facebook with their real names, photos, locations and workplaces on their profile who are happy to throw abuse at other people kinda disproves the argument that it’s online anonymity that causes abusive behaviour

@kirstyyarr Before I left Facebook, I owned a page with about 120k likes. The flamewars in the comments were, honestly, nastier than anything I've seen on any other platform. My neighborhood group (!) was almost as bad. Lack of anonymity extending to *knowing where you live* was no deterrent to abusive behavior.

@gcupc @kirstyyarr

it does lead to actual physical violence in smaller communities/countries or groups of young people who might form cliques/gangs and is precisely why there are now *real* "cybercops" in various parts of the UK, they are often based in Police stations in rural areas that have fairly good broadband but lower crime rates than cities.

The officers already have experience/training in dealing with domestic/neighbourhood violence and get surveillance training on top of this >>


@gcupc @kirstyyarr

but they also have access to specialist CSI who can seize/inspect computer data, cellbrites and other such boxes (to get data from mobile phones when required), and at least /some/ level of co-operation from the USA based corporate social networks to hand over data without too many obstacles.

Everyone here is focused on GCHQ/MI* etc so often overlooks the rôle of "normal" cops (its not even a secret thing and is regularly reported in local news)

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