I do not think twitter.activitypub.actor is a good idea, nor that the Twitter cross poster is a good idea. Let your Twitter past die. Kill it if you have to.

@Gargron I think it will eventually die as more and more people come over. We seem to be over 2,000,000 already, so now the effect of people being there, so more come, begins to work. :)

@DC7IA @gargron

I haven't used Twitter actively since 2017 after a random German antifa trainspotter in my timeline mentioned "this Mastodon thing is interesting, try it" (I did)

I keep the account active just to confuse US corporates and cost them money, they don't even get my Youtube likes for Schlager any more, I switched that off on their own (automated) suggestions as a password reset took ages.

curiously my assumed birbsite gender also switched from male to female at some point 😆

@vfrmedia I only have a look once in a while to see what my British friends are doing. As soon as they will be here - which I guess they will do at some point, since the network grows - I will delete my account.


@DC7IA I find (some) British people, even good friends of mine who are intelligent and openminded tend to be overwhelmed and even scared off by the languages all being mixed up in the timelines (this is a fault of British society where a whole generation (now young adults) were never taught foreign languages at school, but I think we are slowly improving in this respect (i.e going back to how it was in 1980s)

@vfrmedia @DC7IA
Even though I was born in the uk and only have english properly, I LOVE seeing all the languages in my personal timeline. I try to read them.
I admit, I'm not big on arabic/hindi/chinese, because I can't read them at all, but I love seeing everything else in latin or greek. I have just (like yesterday) started on the cryllic alphabet, so maybe I'll be able to parse russian soon (a bit anyhow).

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