Been watching quite a few German youtubers, mostly stuff aimed at teens/young adults (as its about as good as my German gets!)

Surprised at how much I can understand even from "Hey Leute!"-Junge (w/ reversed cap) reversed speaking at >200km/h, theres quite a bit of racial diversity (many people of Middle Eastern and Asian ancestry) but I find the self referential formulaic stuff and hyperconsumerism amongst popular YouTubers jarring (compared to better vids from @milan, @bleeptrack, @TQ etc >>

this is ofc similar to the YT culture in the UK and presumably inspired by what is "trending" in USA; but I prefer the slower paced more sincere stuff (which isn't dull or boring if done well)

It seems half these people are trying to reboot an idealised version of mid 1990s USA youth culture, maybe inspired by imported telly series; although a fair few of us who were young at the time thought this was shite even back then!

also I do have some angst that those "creators" who push the pranks/asocial behaviour in public *too* far are playing directly into the hands of those in Europe and further afield who want to see online social media regulated more (and they are much easier targets to pick off than genuine and dangerous extremists)...

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