Global politics. Internet Archive. Terrorism. 

The french government issues 500 takedown notices to the internet archive, claiming that large portions of the archive (which are otherwise perfectly legal) are "terrorist content" including Project Gutenberg, the Prelinger Archive, the Grateful dead collection, and some CSPAN archive.

Are you a french person? Will you complain to your government?

Pessimism about the internet 

It just feels like Nothing is safe and all of the things that have allowed the way of life to which we have all grown accustomed to flourish are under attack.

And even if we can fix this, it's wrecked my trust in the platforms and in the longevity of the "open" part of "open internet"

I don't see a way forward that isn't also a path underground.

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Global Pol. Assange 

And of course today Assange was arrested. I have such conflicting feelings about that, in light of the way wikileaks appears to have really leaned in to the far right, but it's still probably a bad sign for freedom of expression.

And Manning is still in solitary confinement, which is abhorrent.

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Internet politics; --; mh; help? 

I guess what I'm saying is that the world is a really dark place this morning, and it's bringing me down.

I'm normally the person who finds the light, who is working towards the goal, who is, if not hopeful, at least Angry enough to fight back.

But right now I feel small and defeated and like the odds are more stacked against us than ever, and I would really love some honest encouragement, and help moving forward and fighting back.

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Internet politics; --; mh; help? 


I grew up in an era where the Internet was heavily geoblocked in my country, Universities acted as gatekeepers and you could get into trouble for using it. This did not prevent many other interesting alternative subcultures developing.

I hope we do not lose the ease of communication across Europe, USA and Asia the Internet has given us, TBH I doubt it will be balkanised that much as wider society doesn't want online shopping to go away..

Internet politics; --; mh; help? 

@vfrmedia @ajroach42
online shopping will never go away, they need to track what you buy and for the profit$. everything else though could be throttled at such a time governments see fit. somehow or another it will be presented as for your own good and to protect the childrens.

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