This question got some serious, thoughtful answers so if you want to know the rules for backyard nudity in the UK, give the thread a look.

It is so hot in my house that I have just made three batches of donuts in the absolute nude and am still sweltering. What _are_ the rules about being starkers in your own garden? Are there rules? I need to cool down before I actually combust 😆

@Reinderdijkhuis I'm more intrigued as AFAIK Jack doesn't live that far away (in South Essex) and its not *that* warm here.

Certainly not warm enough to consider going naked!

@vfrmedia It was a few days ago and admittedly Jack was using the oven, which doesn't help.


@Reinderdijkhuis to be fair modern houses in East Anglia (even since 1970s) have traditionally been quite energy efficient and keep heat in, (there was a strong green movement here even 40+ years ago) and she does a lot more cooking than I do - (I wouldn't cook naked though, for fear of splashes from hot oil!)

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