I see this posted frequently (not here mind you):

"We didn't have so many warning labels when I was a kid, because people weren't so stupid back then"

However, if you actually stop to think about it, the converse is actually more likely.

"We have so many warning labels now because people back then WERE so stupid."

In my experience, you only need to warn about something after someone has done the thing no-one thought a right minded person would do.

@dadegroot it is like speed limit changes on the roads, or traffic lights at roundabouts which here in the UK often only happen *after* an area has been found to have become a blackspot for collisions or (in the case of roundabouts) the "fair play" traffic flow ideal isn't being achieved and traffic from one particular direction is dominating to the detriment of others..

@vfrmedia @dadegroot Traffic lights at roundabouts are a horrible idea that negates any advantage of having a roundabout. But I guess if a roundabout was built in a place that should never have had one, slapping traffic lights on it is cheaper than reconstructing the normal crossing again.

@clacke @vfrmedia @dadegroot
We've had a 4 way stop at a junction of two highways for many years and are Finally getting roundabout there instead. I can't imagine a reason for placing traffic lights on a roundabout.


@gemlog @clacke @dadegroot

it gets done here when the traffic levels exceed what the roundabout can handle (which of course takes a few decades to occur) , ISTR it starting in London during the 1980s.

Uncontrolled crossroads (4 way stops) are much rarer here and are often replaced by a mini-roundabout.

The problem with light controlled roundabouts is there is a temptation to race the lights, which can end badly when an HGV with badly distributed load tries it..


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