Want to find your way from A to B?

You should try:

I've used it a couple of times today, and it was great.

* Uses OpenStreetMap data
* Service provided by HeiGIT
* Doesn't spy on you
* Maps look great
* Effective routes
* Share with friends
* Add your own tracks
* Export to GPX plus others
* Elevation profile

You can also go to C, D, E and many more. 😉

#OSM #maps #routes #routing #FOSS #FLOSS #CrowdSourced


@fitheach @iona this is the site I was going to mention yesterday, but it doesn't work when you click on avoid highways (motorways) for a similar journey from the South to the North (apparently something is overloaded). This could be because both fast A-roads and motorways are being classed as "highways" by the algorithm.

Otherwise its a fairly decent route planning/mapping site..

Not a problem I have here, there is either a road or there isn't one. No motorways or dual carriageways.

You should let the team know about the issue, they may not be aware of it:


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