[en] There will be projects and sessions during #cccamp19 on alternatives to the fossil-fuel generated electricity. Project Microgrid tries to build an independent power grid with solar. Bring equipment to participate! Reminder: no “guerilla solar”; respect grid security and the volunteers working on the fossil-fuel generated grid, and do not feed your electricity back. Here is a list of the alternative power projects at camp to get you started: events.ccc.de/camp/2019/wiki/V #solarpunk


LB: for anyone reading who wonders "why /can't/ they feed the solar power into the genset powered grid?", this is because if there is a fault on the network, without correct protective equipment the solar panels could cause 230/400V to appear in places where it is not expected to be - which can be very bad for those trying to fix the fault!

(synchronisation and balancing of power supplies is also non trivial, as we in England learned the hard way yesterday)


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