@Siphonay Even better: It is a sister city with Llanfairpwll­gwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll­llantysilio­gogogoch


@andrej I think this has been removed from the French wikipedia page because there’s no source for it


@Siphonay @andrej

the entry has been removed from the English version - its also difficult to find out what is true as "Twin Town" happens to be the title of a crime movie set in Wales making it very difficult to search for what Welsh towns are twinned with others in Europe or beyond..

@vfrmedia @andrej I can’t find any mention of a twinning with Y on Llanfair PG’s wikipedia page either

@vfrmedia You can exclude keywords with "-" operator, on search engines. Like -movie and -film to exclude anything with these keywords from the search's results.

@Siphonay @andrej

@devnull @Siphonay @andrej

this one, however, is a particularly unusual/difficult case - both the movie title and the concept of a twin town are the exact same search term!

I don't think there is any tech solution that can avoid the confusion here, although delving deeper into twin towns (as a a local govt concept) hints that the UK is twinning less often and even ending existing agreements as a consequence of public sector austerity and Eurosceptism...

@andrej @devnull @Siphonay

TBH I haven't even noticed as many twin town/village signs in my own region (and I pay attention to these when driving as the speed limit change sign is usually on the the same post) - often its not that the twinning /isn't/ happening but there isn't the money to maintain signs or pay for the extra to add the two coats of arms to both - there is a twin town sign at Felixstowe, but its a 60mph/96 km/h road so I always forget the names..

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