Oh thank fuck, Labour also wants to do a national version of the Oyster card


@dzuk AFAIK train ticket infrastructure is virtually the same as it was 30 years ago -the bigger problem being that all these different privatised railway companies want to make a profit so travelling across regions (eg from Ipswich to my former home town of Reading) is way more expensive than it really ought to be - it is cheaper to drive there solo, which isn't that good for the environment (nor is it a pleasant drive, takes 2-3 hours as M25 and M4 usually have at least one jam)

@vfrmedia *nods*, Labour also wants to overhaul the fare system to something simpler and cheaper.

@dzuk British Rail was far from perfect, but it was affordable when I was a teenager - I could regularly visit London (from Reading) every weekend if I wished to.

Today it is about £26, which I would expect to be quite a bite into a teenagers spare cash (even if they had a part time job)

@vfrmedia yeah, in early 2010's I travelled a lot to London and beyond to see friends and even with a 16-25 rail card, it suuucked. And the service on Southern was really starting to break down at that time.

@vfrmedia the fare/ticketing system in National Rail is also just exhausting tbh. Travelling within London is so much more relaxing by comparison.

@dzuk indeed, even in BR days you had an anomaly that Network South East ended at Colchester - so those living in Ipswich pay slightly more to travel to London unless they get a separate ticket to North Essex (usually Manningtree, which is only just outside Ipswich) and then a further ticket to London from Essex (which is of course a lot of extra hassle)

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