Benefits of knowing graphic design stuff: being able to immediately spot a fake Apple charger by the font it uses on the bottom

(As much as I hate Apple, don't get fake Apple chargers and cables folks, they are a legit risk to your hardware and yourself)


@dzuk the matron at one of my work sites confiscated a fake Iphone charger that had been left lying around and handed it to me to dispose of - I picked it apart to see how bad it was.

There was only a few mm isolation between the "hot" side of the power supply (that can have almost 400 volts on it in a 230V country) and the safety critical optoisolator had its component markings removed (as its name suggests, this is what keeps you away from the strong voltages elsewhere in the unit...)

@dzuk there are (or were) a fair few of these nasty cheap chargers and PSUs on sale - Trading Standards and Border force are seizing a good number *and* the Chinese safety authorities are nicking people for producing them (China is a 230V country as well and their own folk are getting shocked).

They may be more a problem for Apple devices due to the premium price of replacements and the unusual power connectors Apple use on some devices..

To ask a question...

It *used* to be 240V didn't it?
Or have I imagined that?

@CreatureOfTheHill was around the 1990s this happened - older electronic equipment with transformers has tappings for anywhere between 200-250 volts (and sometimes 100-150 volts as some supplies on the Continent were at these lower voltages until well into the 1980s)

Even today in some bits of the Netherlands, the 230V is 2 x 115V from separate phases (which is why a neutral conductor is always supposed to be treated as live)

I had a feeling you would know some of the interesting background 😀

@vfrmedia @dzuk Having watched my fair share of videos of Big Clive taking apart cheap chargers, including fake Apple ones, and then analysing their quality from the electronics standpoint... I'm absolutely terrified of these things.
Getting a dodgy brand charger is a game of Russian Roulette, even if they seem fine on first use.

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