Resistance fighters having their safe house stormed and trying to erase sensitive data: we need to wipe out any trace of our data, keep them off us long enough to destroy everything!

Me, doing something extremely routine in a database at work: *click*

Wait, did I just-

Oh shit. *Oh shit*. It's all gone.

I'm just saying, your fictional resistance movement should at least have a data destruction plan on par with the hacker from The Italian Job.

That kid had a plan and he was *ready to go*.


@HereticSoul presumably the newer version?

I'm of the age where this description makes me think more of Benny Hill putting the radio transmitter device in a street rubbish bin, that caused EMI which disrupted the traffic lights (putting them all to red), causing traffic chaos across the area and allowing the 3 minis to get a head start from the carabineri 😆

@vfrmedia yep, thinking of what's-his-name throwing discs in the microwave and wiping magnets over his towers. But again. Dude hade a *plan*

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