I am looking for african cliamte activists on Mastodon. Can somebody give me pointers?


So far, 16 boosts, 0 responses. Are people from the second largest continent under represented here?

@andrej Often the answer is tobe the content you wish to see.

Post, and they may come.

Mastodon / the Fediverse remains fairly small/thin. Biggest in Europe and Japan.

#africa #climate #climatechange


@dredmorbius @andrej

I remember this being discussed about 3 years ago (there were, and are, users from "richer" African countries like South Africa) - Internet access (and even electricity) is sporadic in many countries (there are data caps and slow satellite links) it costs way too much in a lot of the World to set up a server for a "fun" project (as opposed to a commercial business).

This skews the presence on the Fediverse towards those who can afford to be there.

@vfrmedia @dredmorbius Again, Africa is quite well represented on birb site. Not only from rich countries.


@andrej @dredmorbius

in countries without net neutrality regulations, mobile phone networks can declare different charging rates for content (like micropayments on viewdata if you are old enough to remember that).

Twitter, Facebook etc are very often discounted or zero-rated, whereas an independent website costs the enduser more money to visit..

@vfrmedia @andrej @dredmorbius In many (most?) African countries FB has a "free" version (no images, light interface...) to entice people to connect/create a profile (if they have a smartphone o'course). Never seen a "free" or zero-rated Twitter though. Most of the entry-level smartphones are "from China", and are preload with a ton of crapware (that you can't get rid of/uninstall), loaded with ads, that probably tracks use (byebye privacy) and sends data "back home"...

@vfrmedia you don't need to run a server to be in the fediverse (I don't). Users with sporadic electricity supply and net access can get more benefit from a Zot server (Hubzilla or Zap) with ChannelCloning and NomadicIdentity, than they can from any of the existing ActivityPub servers. But P2P apps like Scuttlebutt, Briar, or Tox apps, are probably even more suitable for their use case. There are no silver bullets.

@dredmorbius @andrej

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