microsoft pushiness, edge browser 

Oh, geeze, Microsoft... you are so inappropriate. Taking control of my desktop to show me what's essentially an ad for the new Edge browser, automatically starting the setup wizard, telling me to import my Firefox bookmarks, pinning Edge to my taskbar, and then running your browser?
I use Firefox. I don't want a Microsoft browser and I never will. Remember that browser monopoly lawsuit? This is the kind of thing that caused that.

microsoft pushiness, edge browser 

@CarlCravens I've never seen such a thing happen on my Windows install.


microsoft pushiness, edge browser 

@cyndn @CarlCravens

for some curious reason its not deployed in this manner to every PC, I have 3 windows laptops and look after many more at work and only 40-50% of then have had the new Edge auto installed; there seems to be no clear pattern to which ones get it (its not linked to the presence or otherwise of the 2004 update either)

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