@Timmy That's disappointing...and a bit concerning. Lol

@cooper @Timmy

how even does what I assume is a fairly big brand USA company manage to do something like that? I bought a 50 year old book about cars (as my Dad had a copy of it back in the 1970s but it had gone missing during many house moves over the years) and reliable jack/axle stands were available back then..


@vfrmedia @cooper so harbor freight is a "budget" tool store. Everything they sell is the absolute crustiest version of that object available from China or whoever can make it cheaper.

Sometimes this is very good, like for simple tools without many moving parts. People used to specifically recommend their jackstands because the liability means they should at least be serious about basic safety on them.


@Timmy @cooper

we have about 3 or 4 places like this in England, all selling much the same stuff (probably rebadged from the same Chinese factory), what worries me is how many other countries these might turn up in (I was planning on getting a set of jack stands too!)

Although maybe this will be sorted out very quickly, the Chinese like SUVs and trucks as much as the Americans, do so defective tools are no good to anyone..

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