itd be good if there was a social network for following lots of people who each only actually need to post every 1-5 years, like musicians or animators or whatever, where you don't want to see hourly posts by them but you DO want to keep tabs on them because you love their work. i guess maybe patreon etc. fills that niche? in theory you could just make social network alt-accounts. but nobody really seems to do that and "1 post every 18 months" isn't really how most stuff is supposed to be used

like i feel it's a real shame how all online media is optimised for frequency, when a lot of creative things can only really be done infrequently. i see so many people online who are extremely talented but are only able to make small and frequent things with moderate amounts of polish because the attention economy is tuned with a resonant peak at "1-14 days"

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@jk it took me a year to get my ttrpg to a playable state by which time I only had six patrons left and none of them wanted to playtest the damn thing so I abandoned the entire project.


@WanderingBeekeeper @jk

maybe social as much as tech issue, and raised expectations? OK I'm /old/ by online standards but it was normal to wait weeks/months for someone you admired (a musician, DJ, artist etc) to complete their project and you just kept an eye on whatever media existed for them to announce it (the most "upfront" media then was probably pirate radio and even the availability of the stations was sporadic)

@vfrmedia @jk yeah, I'm 57, and taught classes on gopher and archie before Lynx was written. I was releasing weekly progress reports, with a changelog, project tracking, all public, and the patrons got a fresh PDF compile of the WIP every week. I treated it like an Agile project. Maybe it was too much? I was trying to show steady progress.

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