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its more an issue of learning the skills - unlike ham kit which *is* expensive and there is lots of gatekeeping, building a "stentor" or similar relatively low power transmitter, (the PCB shown in my profile header above the cat avatar is one) was affordable even to teenagers in the 80s (me and my mates did it) - modern electronics can be overwhelming to younger folk (I teach them how transmitters work as part of volunteering at the two community radio stations in my area) @sir

Another main reason its mostly older folk doing it in NL is they live in the rural bits near the German border and have access to space/land as well; if you do it in the towns/cities Agentschap Telecom and the Politie will discover and close down the station a lot quicker and/or accuse everyone involved of being mixed up with drugs/gangs, so the younger folk stick to online streaming (also broadband and LTE mobiles are more reliable in cities)

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