When I was in high school, my guidance councillor had me do a computer program to determine what I should pursue for my future career.

The top results were:

1. Tugboat captain
2. Ventriloquist

I just took the British skills assessment to figure out what I should have for a career and it says I should become a 500 error.

I feel like I could get a lot of web work with that.

It crashed just as it started down a "media or building" path and I think I was headed for a restatement of the tugboat captain / ventriloquist binary. But more British-like.

@celesteh crashed in the same way after a few questions (seems strange as surely few young people would be filling in the survey in late evening, unless the resources are being shared with other govt web services whose requirements are prioritised higher?)

The first one I was on paper optical character marking sheets, it was that long ago (and I've completely forgotten what the results were..)


@celesteh I got it to work this time - came up with "creative and media", "trades and constructions" and "emergency and uniformed services" (!).

the creative and media suggests actor, advertising copywriter, entertainer (like end of the pier show type?) and commissioning editor..

trades and construction show scaffolder and plasterer,

uniformed services show paramedic, security guard and soldier (not sure if this is any better than what I had in the 1980s 😆 )

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