There's booting from a floppy and then there's booting from vinyl

So we know it's possible to build records from the pre-microprocessor days so if at any point distributing software for something like #CollapseOS (or maybe the OS itself) becomes an issue, it's possible to cover some bases with a 45 RPM 10" record

I'm sure the EPROM can be replaced with hardwired functionality

This specific example has a #FreeDOS kernel


@cypnk cassette recorders still exist (and are making a resurgence thanks to hipsters, which might prompt re-investment in making higher quality decks - magnetic tape is cheaper to distribute than vinyl, and FM radio can be used to transmit the audio for computer data (this was done by several European public service broadcasters at various times in the 1980s)

@vfrmedia I just had a ridiculous idea that I think should be tried at some point

Public performances of xylophones using frequency-shift keying to "send" software

If the musicians are good enough, it's possible to send E.G. BASIC or some variant of DOS via street performance

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