I see 4k60fps rick astley is trending

might I remind you that an upscaling method very similar to waifu2x or nvidia's DLSS upscaling has been used for this and in my opinion really doesn't look too great visually, specially if you look at still frames, in which is gives the video a smooth airbrushed look.

the big player here is the fact that frame interpolation has also been used to make it 60fps and not necessarily right at all.

if you wanna know what I mean here, watch the video but change the quality to 480p, it's barely different from the original music video.


I'm gonna continue to be petty about people who try to "remaster" or "restore" old things without insight from any of the original people involved. This also goes for those Super Mario World "restorations" that have been trending recently.

The original music video looked fine as it was.

While this video doesn't necessarily mention AI upscaling, since this has widely surfaced after this video was produced, Tom Scott has gone over why remastered music videos aren't great, and also explains a lot of points far better than I can.



@Violet the technical quality of Continental European music TV (including playout of pre-recorded videos) was very high quality by the 1980s (as many cable and satellite channels already had stereo audio - we British lagged behind in deploying decent audio in TV studios, this only happened in the 1990s.

If you watch German or Dutch pop TV uploaded to YouTube from studio master tapes this is decent enough without any need to artificially upscale anything..)

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