bbc manufacturing consent, NHS pay 

brief segment on bbc newsbeat where they mentioned the 1% NHS payrise and then had a vox pop from an NHS nurse saying we should all accept and be grateful for it because there are NHS staff who are getting no payrise, and then newsbeat ended and it went back to playing Fun Music from the 2000s.

bbc manufacturing consent, NHS pay 

@alex *hate* when this happens. I emailed my MP about the £20 UC uplift not being extended to asylum seekers while they got only a few pennies increase, I got paragraph after paragraph back off him that "they should be grateful" for that slap in the face. I was SEETHING.


bbc manufacturing consent, NHS pay 

@Shrigglepuss @alex

also within the BBC itself I suspect whoever edits the news has been similarly told "you should be grateful for your chance to intern here" (or if they are very lucky get a short term contract) so they don't dare complain about what they are expected to do at work..

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